five Display and touchscreen technologies to consider for industrial application.

  • Get an insightful take on the pros and cons of selecting the right industrial display for your specific application.

Flat panel and touchscreen technologies have made huge advances in the last 10 – 15 years resulting in better quality products with lower costs and more efficient technologies.
Initially used primarily on laptops and in medical and industrial devices, flat panels and touchscreens now permeate our everyday lives. People are much more comfortable with this technology and usage in both commercial and industrial space has increase exponentially. With so many industrial monitors and displays in the marketplace, how do you know if they meet all of your industrial application needs?

As an industrial monitor manufacturer, Computer Dynamics offers custom display systems ranging from 6.4” – 47” that can be open-framed or enclosed and mounted that can withstand the harshest conditions. Whether you are looking for sunlight readable, marine, military grade or a full industrial monitor solution, our free guide: “Five Display and Touchscreen Technologies to Consider for Industrial Application” will give you a deep analysis of the different display technologies and the touchscreen capabilities offered for the most extreme environments.


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