Multi-Touch Panel PC

The DisplayPac-PCAP Panel PC is an excellent solution to a variety of computing application needs with a modern multi-touch touchscreen. Our low cost PCAP-10 computer is designed for applications including Industrial Computing, Home and Building Automation, and Patient and Room Information.  Our rugged, enclosed PCAP-15 computer is sealed to IP65 for use in wash down environments.

In addition to the sleek look, the system includes a multi-touch touchscreen allowing your users to interact with the screen like they would a Smart Phone.  Systems can be panel mounted or mounted to a standard flat panel VESA plate.

Key Features:

  • 10.1" or 15" Display size
  • 1.6 GHz Intel® ATOM Dual Core™ N2600
  • 1.83 GHz Intel® Celeron Quad Core™ N2930
  • Full complement of PC I/O Ports
  • Multiple hard drive and solid state options
  • Multi-touch Touchscreen support with Projected Capacitive Touchscreen and Windows 7
  • Windows 10 IoT Support on N2930 product

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Data Sheets
displaypac_n2600_pcap15_ds (145K PDF)
DisplayPac-N2600-PCAP15 display, touchscreen, and system specifications
displaypac_n2930_pcap15_ds (152K PDF)
DisplayPac-N2930-PCAP15 display, touchscreen, and system specifications
displaypac_pcap10_ds (135K PDF)
DisplayPac-PCAP10 display, touchscreen, and system specifications
Mechanical Drawings
displaypac-pcap10_mounting_bracket_md (108K PDF)
Detailed drawing for optional PCAP-10 mounting bracket.
displaypac_n2600_pcap10_md (109K PDF)
DisplayPac-N2600-PCAP10 mechanical drawing.
displaypac_n2600_pcap10_wireless_md (160K PDF)
DisplayPac-N2600-PCAP10 (with wireless antenna) mechanical drawing.
displaypac_n2600_pcap15_md (97K PDF)
DisplayPac-N2600-PCAP15 mechanical drawing.
vesa_stand_md (111K PDF)
Small stand for PCAP10