Industrial Rackmount Computer

Industrial Rackmount Computer

Industrial Rack Mount Computers

Rack Mount PC

Computer Dynamics offers a wide range of rack mount computers and monitors for industrial applications. The wide variety of systems offers many configuration options to match your application needs.

Key Features:

  • 2U and larger Rackmount computer configurations
  • Wide variety of Intel® processor options (Low to high power processors)
  • Wide variety of backplanes from ISA to PCI Express
  • Multiple power supply options

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Data Sheets
nd61400_ds (148K PDF)
Nd61400 4U Industrial Rack-Mount Computer Chassis features, specifications, and options.
ndwn17-19kb_ds (108K PDF)
Nd-WNxx-KB 1U Rack-Mount Monitor 17” or 19" LCD, Keyboard Drawer features, specifications, and options.
Mechanical Drawings
nd_wn_user_guide (509K PDF)
Nd-WNxx-KB 1U Rack LCD Drawer Hardware Manual, 1st Ed. Configuration and installation, LCD OSD Key definition, KVM, specifications, and troubleshooting.

NDV Rackmount Monitors

 KVM:  16-port KVM switch, one PS/2 keyboard, one PS/2 mouse, one video per port (17" System Only)
 Specifications may change without notice due to component changes.

NDC Rackmount Computers

PP: -i7 (2.8 GHz Core i7)
-i5 (2.4 GHz Core i5)
-C2Q (2.66 GHz Core 2 Quad)
-C2D (2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo)
-P4 (2.4 GHz Pentium 4)
MM: -16 GB (i7/i5 systems only)
-4 GB (C2D/C2Q only)
-1 GB (P4 only)
-2 GB (P4 only)
Drive Options:
Removable drive bays
RAID 0+1
Customization Please call, as these systems can be custom configured
 Specifications may change without notice due to component changes.