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Sunlight Readable Display

Sunlight Readable Monitors for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Sunlight Readable Display

Get a sunlight readable display in either an open frame or fully enclosed configuration from Computer Dynamics. Choose an interface to work with standard RGB, Synch-on-Green (SOG), Composite Synch, NTSC and PAL video signals. Then select your display size from as small as 6.4 inches to as large as 47 inches. If your work has you outdoors toiling under the winter or summer sun, you need a display that you can read in blaring light and which operates in extreme temperatures.

Computer Dynamics offers you a variety of sunlight readable Displays that will operate in and endure extreme conditions. Manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures, dust, and corrosive elements, our PCs are designed and created with marine environments, industrial facilities, and military operations in mind. You can learn more about our SeaBrite monitor with brightness control, the VAMP-RPP LCD monitor, and other rugged displays to suit your needs.

Built tough to withstand extreme temperatures and corrosive environments, our sunlight readable displays are purchased and used in such industries as military, marine, petroleum and gas, pharmaceutical, medical, and transportation.

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