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Heavy-Duty Computers

Heavy-Duty PC Solutions for Unique Applications

Heavy-Duty Computer

Need heavy-duty computers that are tough enough to withstand high temperatures and humidity yet offer room for expansion? Take a look at the durably constructed heavy-duty PCs available from Computer Dynamics. Our DisplayPAC-RPP is a workhorse with a heavy-duty aluminum alloy enclosure. Powered by an Intel Dual Core ATOM processor, it has the ability to operate in temperatures up to 131° F (55° C) and humidity levels of 95%.

Or, choose your heavy-duty computer from the DisplayPAC-SSX lineup that offers exceptional power and durability with no moving parts and is completely sealed to IP65 standards. With your choice of resistive touchscreen displays in sizes ranging up to 22 inches, this heavy-duty PC is shock and vibration resistant, offers a full complement of I/O Ports, and a standard 32 GB solid state drive (higher capacity drives are optional).

For a heavy-duty computer that will operate and survive under the harsh conditions of your working environment, contact us with your requirements.

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